Artist Reception and Scotch Tasting at Barnsdall Art Park This Evening (2/28)

28 Feb

Barnsdall at Sunset

Barns­dall Art Park at Sun­set. Photo by iamliam

Look­ing for some­thing to do tonight — but don’t want to get in your car because all the other dri­vers have gone rain-crazy? Well, you’re in luck. Barns­dall Art Park Foun­da­tion is host­ing a talk­back with artist Man­fred Müller whose exhi­bi­tion “Objects Are Closer Than They Appear” is cur­rently on dis­play at the Los Ange­les Munic­i­pal Art Gallery. Still not quite up for it because it will force you to com­mune with the increas­ingly rare phe­nom­ena known as Los Ange­les pre­cip­i­ta­tion? Did I men­tion there will be Scotch — and that if you grab a ticket, you’ll get to taste it?

Fri­day Feb­ru­ary 28, 2014
5:30 — 7:00pm Scotch Tast­ing (hosted by Sil­ver Lake Wine and Say Cheese)
7:00 — 8:00pm Cov­er­sa­tion with the Artist: Man­fred Müller

Los Ange­les Munic­i­pal Art Gallery
at the Barns­dall Art Park
4800 Hol­ly­wood Boule­vard
Los Ange­les, CA 90027

Tick­ets are $40/person, most of which can go towards get­ting you a mem­ber­ship in the Barns­dall Art Park Foun­da­tion which has arranged dis­counts for mem­bers a num­ber of local businesses.

Free Comedy @ The Virgil, Sat Jan 26 @ 8pm

18 Jan

New-ish bar The Vir­gil will be host­ing a free com­edy night later this month.

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Free Booze & Tunes at Record Release Party Tonight

20 Dec

I have no idea if the music is any good, but who doesn’t love free drinks?


From a Smut & Bass press release (empha­sis mine)

Smut + Bass will release their annual com­pi­la­tion. This Small Sound Would Kill Her will be avail­able in cas­sette form (for free, lim­ited to 100 copies) and will fea­ture orig­i­nal music by Dave Beta­max, Jin­callo, Som­er­sett, Shakes, Lower Lev­els, Wind­slo, Kone, Wal­ter Gross, Fat Albert Ein­stein, Some­jerk, and Scum. A sort-of-kind-of beat tape with end­less styles, cour­tesy of our label and homies.

The release party will be an in-store show­case, this Thurs­day (Decem­ber 20th) at High Fidelity in Los Feliz, 8:00–11:30PM. Free drinks! Free tapes! Free stick­ers! Free entry! Throwed sounds c/o Jawn Titor fol­lowed by live sets by Wal­ter Gross, Wind­slo, Jin­callo, Kone, Dave Beta­max, and Fat Albert Einstein.

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Pop-Up Beer Garden and Christmas Tree Lot @ “The Service Station” This Weekend

12 Dec

From Our­Los­Fe­liz reader Austen Lee:

I just wanted to let you know about a com­mu­nity event and pop up beer gar­den we’re host­ing this week­end at the River­side Ser­vice Sta­tion in Los Feliz. There will be real snow on the prop­erty, christ­mas trees for sale, food trucks, music, pop up shops and bou­tiques, beer wine and cider, as well as games, raf­fles, and give­aways. More info can be found here on the River­side sta­tion website.”

Sounds like a good time to me!

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Neighborhood Council Elections — October 6, 2012 10am-4pm

2 Oct

If you’re vot­ing in Cal­i­for­nia, the Pres­i­den­tial race is pretty much already decided. Want your vote to really count? Vote in the Neigh­bor­hood Coun­cil Elec­tions for the Greater Grif­fith Park district.

Neigh­bor­hood Coun­cil Elec­tions
Greater Grif­fith Park District

Octo­ber, 6, 2012

Elysian Masonic Tem­ple
1900 N Ver­mont Ave
Los Ange­les, CA 90027

For infor­ma­tion on the can­di­dates, please see:’s cer­ti­fied can­di­date state­ments.

Outdoor Movie “Fletch” at Barnsdall Park Tonight at 7:30 PM

15 Sep

The Barns­dall Art Park foun­da­tion is host­ing a series of screen­ings at the Barns­dall art park. Tonight (9/15/12) at 7:30pm they will be screen­ing the 1985 Chevy Chase com­edy “Fletch”. You can bring a pic­nic or if you’d rather not schlep a bas­ket there’s a beer and wine tast­ing that starts at 5:30. Tick­ets for just the movie are $10, and tick­ets that include the tast­ing are $25. This looks like a great alter­na­tive to the crazy long lines and impos­si­ble park­ing of the Cine­spia Ceme­tery Screenings.

Fletch Trailer

Tick­ets can be pur­chased and more infor­ma­tion can be found at the barns­dall web­site.

Here is the rest of this season’s calendar:

  • Sept 15th – Fletch
  • Sept 22th – Edward Scissorhands
  • Sept 29th — Swingers
  • Octo­ber 6 – Gattaca
  • Oct 13 – Sun­set Boulevard
  • Oct 20 – Lau­rel Canyon
  • Oct 27 – House on Haunted Hill

At SPITZ You’ll Swallow!

10 Sep

Spitz — Home of the Döner Kebab
by Ewan Chung 

When you hear the word kebab, what do you think of?  If you’re an Amer­i­can, chances are you’ll pic­ture skew­ers of meat.  The new Los Feliz loca­tion of the L.A. döner kebab joint Spitz is out to prove otherwise.

A cur­sory exam­i­na­tion of the word kebab (thank you, Wikipedia) reveals that it is a broad term for grilled meat.  The Turk­ish word döner refers to the method of cook­ing – “turn­ing,” as in a rotis­serie.  For some rea­son, the Greek ver­sion (gyros) became more pop­u­lar in Amer­ica, and kebab ended up becom­ing mainly asso­ci­ated with shish kebab.  Spitz capa­bly shows you what much of Europe has been con­sum­ing as street food with the qual­ity and com­fort of a sit-down establishment.

Co-owner Robert Wick­lund (along with busi­ness part­ner Bryce Rade­man) first dis­cov­ered the kebab while he was in Spain. There was no late-night equiv­a­lent of this clas­sic post-drinking Euro­pean food sta­ple here, and thus Spitz was born.  The first shop opened in Eagle Rock and con­ve­niently ser­vices his alma mater, Occi­den­tal Col­lege.  Next came the Lit­tle Tokyo loca­tion with an edgier, urban feel.  And now our neighborhood!

This Spitz inhab­its the space at the cor­ner of Hill­hurst and Kingswell, for­merly occu­pied by Amwaj, a Mediter­ranean restau­rant that didn’t quite have the right char­ac­ter for a neigh­bor­hood main­stay.  Spitz eas­ily reme­dies this with a relaxed, airy atmos­phere.  The artsy graf­fiti out­side belies the inte­rior, which has a touch of what I would call “bunker bier­garten chic” but with a warmer, rus­tic charm and a side of Edi­son bulbs.

Spitz’s take on the döner kebab is Cal­i­forn­ian, in the best sense of the word.  They use qual­ity ingre­di­ents, includ­ing fresh breads and local veg­eta­bles.  Their self-prescribed “Cal­i­for­nia twist” guar­an­tees a clean, non-greasy expe­ri­ence.  It’s the per­fect (what Wick­lund calls) “fast casual” food.  Where many restau­rants attempt to cover too many ter­ri­to­ries, this menu is sim­ple.  It’s bet­ter that way.  This allows for var­i­ous minor per­mu­ta­tions to cover most pref­er­ences, all the while stay­ing focused on the spe­cial­ties.  Their star item is the Street Cart Döner.   For a per­fect mix of fla­vors, try the chicken in a lavash wrap.  It comes fully packed with let­tuce, tomato, red onions, bell pep­pers, cucum­ber, and a rich gar­lic aioli.  If you want to be more Euro­pean, get the heartier, tra­di­tional beef/lamb mix sand­wiched by foc­ca­cia bread.  For a spicier kick, order the Döner Lite or the Spicy Döner—the tzatziki and chili sauce are sur­pris­ingly perky.  Yes, Los Felizians, vegetarian/vegan and falafel edi­tions are also avail­able.  Non-meat ver­sions of their kebab can include hum­mus, feta, olives, or even fries inside.

Speak­ing of fries, another sig­na­ture item is their Street Cart Fries.  It’s a won­der­ful mess that’s like a cross between a pou­tine and nachos.  The fries are crispy; and the lay­ers of aioli, feta, mixed veg­eta­bles, olives, pep­per­oncini, and chili sauce can make it a meal in itself.  If you want to take the Cal­i­forn­ian twist fur­ther, go for the Döquitos, the “fried kebab” in a lavash roll.

You say you want a deal?  Spitz offers their “Not Unhappy Hour” from 3 pm to 6 pm on week­days, with spe­cials on cer­tain beers, chi­ladas (a kind of beer mar­garita, if you will), and san­gria.  The Fried Pita Strips with Hum­mus or the Crispy Gar­banzo with Fried Olives might go well with your drinks.  Like its Lit­tle Tokyo coun­ter­part, the Los Feliz loca­tion offers a wide selec­tion of 12 Cal­i­for­nia craft beers on tap and home­made san­grias (red/rosé/white/sake).

Spitz by day is cer­tainly more casual and light.  Spitz by night has the poten­tial to be a decent water­ing hole or gath­er­ing place.  There’s talk of get­ting a full liquor license and hir­ing DJs.  For you sport­ing types, there’s a shuf­fle­board table.  Just don’t put your drinks on it, please.

While the kebab expe­ri­ence here won’t be the same as when you’re stum­bling out of a bar or club in Europe between 2 and 4 am with a rag­ing hunger, you’ll actu­ally be able to taste how good it can be with­out prior inebriation.

Thank you, Spitz, for edu­cat­ing Los Ange­les on what a true kebab is.  Plus, it’s much eas­ier to pro­nounce than gyros.  Wel­come to the neigh­bor­hood, guys!


Spitz is located at 1725 Hill­hurst Avenue, Los Ange­les, CA 90027.  Call-in orders: 323.522.3309.  Open Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-midnight.

Stan­dard Menu

Happy Hour Menu

Watch the Mars Rover Landing at the Griffith Observatory Tonight @ 9:00 p.m.

5 Aug

It is dif­fi­cult for me to express exactly how excited I am about the prospect of another rover land­ing on the mar­t­ian sur­face — suf­fice to say it’s how I’ve started nearly every con­ver­sa­tion for the past three days. Tonight is your chance to get in on the “start” of what is likely to be one of the most sig­nif­i­cant sci­en­tific expe­di­tions in human his­tory. The first set of rovers to land on mars pro­vided us with strong evi­dence for a his­tory of liq­uid water on mars. This lat­est rover, “Curios­ity”, is tasked with explor­ing sed­i­men­tary for­ma­tions to deter­mine whether Mars ever pro­vided an envi­ron­ment that would have been hos­pitable to the for­ma­tion of life as we know it on Earth.

The mechan­ics of tonight’s rover land­ing are like some­thing out of a mis­sion impos­si­ble film. A descent from space into the atmos­phere, a gigan­tic para­chute, fol­lowed by a rocket-slowed descent, cul­mi­nat­ing in the low­er­ing of the SUV-sized nuclear-powered rover onto the mar­t­ian sur­face. This sequence is known as the seven min­utes of terror:


If you want to watch cov­er­age of the land­ing live, then I highly encour­age you to head to the Grif­fith Obser­va­tory tonight.

From the Grif­fith Obser­va­tory web­site:

Grif­fith Observatory’s cura­to­r­ial staff will present NASA’s live cov­er­age of the event, pro­vide addi­tional com­men­tary on the mis­sion, and answer ques­tions in a free pro­gram start­ing at 9:00 p.m. The Obser­va­tory will be open for this event until 12:00 mid­night. How­ever, inbound Grif­fith Park gates will close as usual at 10:00 p.m. In addi­tion, the DASH Obser­va­tory Week­end Shut­tle will stop oper­at­ing at 10:00 p.m. as usual.

Leonard Nimoy Event Hori­zon­Sun­day, August 5th, 20129:00 p.m. – 12:00 midnight

Admis­sion is free.

If you can’t attend, watch LIVE onGrif­fith Observatory’s chan­nel on LiveStream.

Los Feliz Street Fair Today 11am-10pm

22 Jul

Bi-Weekly Figure Drawing Workshop Off Hillhurst Ave.

25 Jun

Photo Credit: Los Feliz Fig­ure Draw­ing Meetup

I just hap­pened onto a pretty fan­tas­tic ongo­ing event for the artis­ti­cally inclined. From their meetup page (empha­sis mine):

We are host­ing life­draw­ing and paint­ing work­shops Mon­day and Thurs­day evenings from 7 to 10 pm. Both evenings are twenty-five minute poses for unin­structed draw­ing. We are located at 4451 Kingswell Ave, at the North­east cor­ner of Kingswell and Hill­hurst in the heart of Los Feliz Vil­lage. There’s a long dri­ve­way and we’re all the way at the back, through a lit­tle court­yard to a bur­gundy door. The dona­tion is fif­teen dol­lars per ses­sion on a pay as you go basis.”

I went last Thurs­day and was impressed by the space, gen­eral abil­ity of the artists, and the dynamism of the model’s poses. This is an unin­structed work­shop, and you’ll need to bring your own mate­ri­als, but it’s a great oppor­tu­nity to improve your life-drawing chops.

More infor­ma­tion and pho­tos (some are NSFW) can be found on their meetup page.